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Sponsors of the ACAO

Sponsored by MKG Homes

MKG Homes

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MKG Homes was born from the desire to provide affordable, high quality homes in the DFW market, and was started in 2018 by two partners. Though the journey has only just begun, it’s safe to say it is something that they’ve both dreamt about and prayed over for many years.

Kelly Pollard and Gene Skrabanek have been in the construction industry for over 30 years and have a vast array of experience and skillset between them.

Thank you for being an ACAO PROMOTIONAL level Sponsor! 

Sponsored by Verity Mortgage

Verity Mortgage

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Specializing in Residential Mortgage Loans for customers looking to purchase or refinace their existing mortgage.
Verity Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender

Thank you to our Football Combine Sponsor - Verity Mortgage!


Sponsored by Brad Bingham Agency

Brad Bingham Agency

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Thank you to our Field Sponsor Brad Bingham Agency